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Watches are among the most commonly collected items sold each year. This is especially true of fine mechanical watches, which are valued for their quality, design and condition. Luxury watches have long been regarded as an investment, because they are durable, wearable timepieces that retain their value better than many other types of asset.
It is astonishing to see the artful and precise technical system that makes a watch work. For most people, the fact that a watch displays the precise time is a matter of course, even banal. But if you take a look inside a watch, you’ll gain a fascinating insight into the clever and complex construction that enables it to display the correct time.
This may well go down as the worst year of all time for the Swiss watch industry. In addition, exports have dropped by 25%, the worst decline in 80 years. However, given the fact that factories were closed and production halted for three months, this doesn’t come as a surprise. Despite the pandemic, most – though not all – brands in Switzerland have continued to innovate, introducing hundreds of new designs. This has kept the market interesting and buyers interested, meaning that sales have picked up again. But what have we been buying? Read on to discover six trends that have defined luxury watches this year.
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